Exactly who can believe or trust exactly what the historians have to say? Just what is the reality of record? Then we have all these doomsayers who are writing about the possibilities of the end of the globe- or at the very least as we understand it. Nevertheless, we currently have a report from NASA, a SCIENTIFIC record if you will, that talks of the real opportunity that we may be encountering a significant disaster, mostly due to what we believe is the option- innovation!

The United States National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in January released a really chilling and also sobering record.

In significance, the record competes that plasma spheres spewed from the surface area of the sun can erase our power grids, with disastrous consequences irreparable. For those of us in Houston who do without electricity for two days to 2 weeks have a clue concerning what life without POWER might indicate; nevertheless, for a year or even more? Is that life sustainable with the populace that we have today?

A lot more specifically, Daniel Baker, an area weather specialist based at the University of Colorado in Stone, as well as chair of the NAS committee accountable for the record, said, “We’re moving closer and also closer to the side of a possible calamity.” That is type of to the factor!

It is hard to visualize the sunlight erasing a large amount of our hard-earned progress. However, it is possible. The surface of the sun is a roiling mass of plasma – charged high-energy particles – a few of which escape the surface area and also traveling via room as the solar wind. Once in a while, that wind carries a billion-tonne glob of plasma, a fireball referred to as a coronal mass ejection. If one ought to hit the Earth’s magnetic shield, the result can be truly ruining.

So, what’re the chances? There is none. It simply could take place, and also it has happened before.

The incursion of the plasma right into our environment creates quick changes in the arrangement of Earth’s electromagnetic field which, then, induce currents in the lengthy wires of the power grids. The grids were not constructed to handle this type of direct present electrical energy. The best danger is at the boost and step-down transformers made use of to transform power from its transport voltage to domestically helpful voltage. The increased DC present creates solid magnetic areas that saturate a transformer’s magnetic core. The outcome is runaway present in the transformer’s copper wiring, which rapidly warms up and also thaws. This is precisely just what happened in the Canadian district of Quebec in March 1989, and 6 million individuals spent 9 hrs without electrical power. Nevertheless, traits could become a lot, a lot even worse than that.

We’re obeying elegance even more compared to we can envision, but the earlier we consider HOW we’re living, the far better we may be able to prepare for and also get ready for real-life opportunities be they on December 21, 2012, or tomorrow.

DNC 2016: Michelle Obamas Speech of a Lifetime Turns Convention Around for Hillary Clinton

The first night of the Democratic National Convention belonged to Obama, who delivered the best speech by any first ladyever. Meantime, Bernie Sanders demands a roll call he will lose, just like he lost the primary.”>

PHILADELPHIA  So here we are; its Tuesday morning. Where are we with the Berniequake?

Monday at 7 p.m., there was a lot for Hillary Clinton to worry about. By the time night one was gaveled down four-plus hours later, things had changed. And one person changed those things more than anybody else.

Michelle Obama gave what almost surely had to be the greatest convention speech ever by a first lady. It was certainly better than any of the speeches I recall Hillary giving as first lady. Michelle laid the wood to Trump, took a couple of early and kind of light (but unmissable) pops at Bernie Sanders, and made about as strong a case for Clinton as anyone could possibly make.


Her smackdown of Trump was cleverly disguised as advice the Obamas have given their daughters about how to deal with surly classmates: When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you dont stoop to their level. No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high. Her gentle little stab at Sanders-Weaver-driven magical thinking was disguised as praise of Hillary from 2008: And when she didnt win the nomination eight years ago, she didnt get angry or disillusioned. And while her praise of Clinton contained the usual odes to her passion for children, Michelle also zeroed in on what is the nominees most impressive quality: There were plenty of moments when Hillary could have decided that this work was too hard, that the price of public service was too high, that she was tired of being picked apart for how she looks or how she talks or even how she laughs. But heres the thing. What I admire most about Hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. She never takes the easy way out. And Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life.


Elizabeth Warren was a little meh Monday night. She didnt put it to Trump with quite the gusto and zest that she has before. But her expressions of support for Clinton were more powerful. Her job through Nov. 8, though, is to trash-talk Trump, and she has to sharpen her attack.

And then came Bernie. Yes, he did his job. He mentioned Hillary 14 times, and 13 of them were favorable. Hes going to get a lot of praise, but more than he has earned. All those Sanders delegates who insist they wont vote for Hillary I dont know if theyre 10 or 20 or 30 percent of his delegates, and I dont know if they represent a similar percentage of Sanders voters at large but the fact remains that he led them down the garden path throughout the spring and into the summer.

Theres still the matter of the Bernie delegates. They were shouting Monday night, even if it was just a small percentage of them. On Tuesday night comes the call of the roll of the states. Bernie said Monday night for the first time what we all expected, that he will insist on a full calling of the roll. Why?

He lost. He is going to lose. All it is is one more opportunity for more of his unruly people to make mischief. And he made his point Monday night and then some.

If hes endorsed Clinton and mentioned her positively 13 times in his prime-time speech, why not just say OK, she should be the nominee by acclamation? Its not in his nature.

Even so, the conventional wisdom will be that Sanders did what he had to do. And while it wasnt Warrens best night, her rhetoric was very team-y. But the night belonged to Michelle. She pointed the way forward that mightmightraise the Democrats out of the WikiLeaks muck. That will ultimately depend on Tim Kaine and most of all on Clinton herself. Its not a successful convention yet. But if against the odds it ends up being that, it will be because Michelle changed the story.

How To Quit Smoking Weed And Cigarettes

If you consider cigarette smoking, then you require to recognize exactly how they misbehave for you and also those around you and praise you on your choice. You possibly have lots of problem tales about how hard it is to stop cigarette smoking could be heard frightening and frustrating. In order to help you start your dependency to smoking and also nicotine reliance part Below are 10 pointers and also methods to quit to the smoking cigarettes of digital cigarettes, which can show you that it could be done and what is not so tough to do as individuals may think that if you have a plan!

1. Create a listing of reasons you like smoking

It might appear counter to finish on your needs, yet overlooked, why you smoke, exactly how as well as why smoking cigarettes is likewise essential that, mentally, you could get over these things, or change it or leave it with something. Means merely ignore food cravings when they repair your reasons automatically disagreement as well as assault.

2. Make a checklist of reasons why it will be challenging to quit

Wow, audio I so adverse regarding I regret the bear, however with me! Honesty is an enormous component of eliminating an addiction to pure nicotine and also e-cigarettes, since numerous individuals without first truthful with themselves, and these individuals normally do not attempt to stop in this experiment. could harm To compose a checklist of reasons you believe, or stop the reasons you know makes the encounter.

3. Compose a listing of reasons why you desire to give up

Ok, now we are much more favorable! Likewise sincerity is the large word below stated the exact same reason already. You have a lot favorable factors for smoking cigarettes, so stop these methods to function around the smoking cigarettes of cigarettes! IDEA: A checklist them in a positive manner when writing rather than composing “Frightened of lung cancer cells,” “I intend to be healthy and also online long!” … adverse factors are not as strong as the positive impacts.

4. Make a listing of means to address hunger

If the desire to take care of every little thing and also thinking instantly smoke out the home window, you found out not to be embarrassed of something. You have to have just one method to get rid of these things is smoking something for you from need one of the essential things to do compared to they could be on your add and hit the pavement or distract you at the workplace eating is a chewing gum tissue a coffee or tidy your offices.

5. Contrast lists

Now you have a couple of sheets of paper (or for some people almost a book!), You could contrast your unfavorable and also favorable factors. This is very important because frequently when you have much more reasons compared to you, why you wish to stop smoking, that in contrast have smoke, you might not want to stop smoking cigarettes and require to discover some even more factors as well as assistance to end. Additionally, if your checklist of points to do in order to eliminate the yearnings have no answers could be hard on all your reasons for leaving, then you need to modify the old listing as well as add. Once you do that, you is not simply peaceful adequate to see things plainly as well as predictability you have created the structure for a contract with on your own to stop smoking, which is a foundation of the cease leave cigarette smoking cigarettes for great.

6. Set a date

Work goals is very important when it involves dependency and find ways to stop smoking cigarettes is a significant action. With a date for you as well as plan exactly how you do not make quick decisions when you are not ready as well as compel you additionally to devote to a consultation with a vague “I’m leaving next week,” established to show up throughout the week never ever come …

7. Dispose of all smoking devices

Get rid of them if they quit Date Hits! Obtain rid of your smoke, if you demand smoking cigarettes, it is a temptation and an easy means out subconscious. If you’re major about damaging the end to cigarettes and toss them if you do not recognize that you are not all set. Likewise eliminate lighters as well as anything that pertains to smoking cigarettes in your room.

8. Hectic hands as well as mouth

Part of the dependency to cigarettes, that people neglect for concentrating on the habit forming nature of nicotine is a routine that has created over years, the real results of cigarette smoking. If you are lugging a toothpick, you can suck or nuts, you can open up as well as eat instead of your hands in search of a familiar story, no demand for anything horribly, just to utilize them made complex or they might stray cigarette.

9. Enter your intent to give up the behavior

Inform your friends, your household, talk as well as tell your colleagues that you are preparing to quit the habit for 2 factors. One, you need an assistance network to help you, so it excellents as numerous fans and also several get aid and also as you can. 2, if you do not announce they are unreal to you and is lesser, since it’s like you are Keeping Tricks, which commonly wish to know the stigma of very few people that they do not when it involves just what is just a more reasons!

10. Remain close positive, positive

Study has revealed that those who are not much more if in an excellent mood as well as favorable are even more likely to accomplish their goal. When to give up and also to ways of making your cigarettes under tension when they pushed quit creating plan, it guarantees to have an unfavorable factor as stated above, is not nearly so strong that the benefits!

This list can only scrape the surface area of all the challenges and also ways to attain that you require to run your technique for your certain scenario. If you utilize all the devices as well as info to assist you every chance of ever smoking click for additional information to be armed.

How To Quit Smoking Weed For 2 Days

Do you have the habit of smoking? Great deals of people enjoy this behavior even if they know that cigarette smoking is adverse to health. Cigarette smoking is not just harmful to the individual who is proactively into smoking yet is injurious to the person who is getting the smoke through involuntary inhalation.

There are great deals of troubles which individuals deal with as a result of this behavior. This is the reason that it is extremely crucial to make certain that you remove this particular routine. This habit can gradually kill an individual.

There are individuals that intend to remove this behavior however they are unable to do so due to the fact that they are highly addicted to the cigarettes. It is as a result essential to look for ways with the aid of which they could undoubtedly give up smoking cigarettes within a couple of days. There are various sort of solutions available nowadays.

It is very important to choose the appropriate remedy. The initial point that is required is an excellent assistance from friends and family. This type of a support is extremely required especially in the first two weeks after you give up smoking.

< br/ > An excellent assistance could definitely make giving up a lot easier. The second tip that could also assist you in this instance is exercising soothing strategies. These soothing strategies can help you have control over your emotions as well as food cravings.

Reflection is one of the means with the aid of which you will not just have the ability to have a good focus power however will certainly have a good control over your mind. Apart from this, you can also take deep breaths and also start counting from 10 to one.

These techniques can also be of fantastic assistance. If you are not effective after doing all these things after that you can take to hypnotherapy as the last hope. For this you do not need any people aid. This is a self hypnosis method.

With the help of hypnosis you can quit smoking in nine days and even less. This treatment is risk complimentary and also you do not should stress over your wellness. You simply have to place certain things in your mind with the assistance of hypnosis.

There are certain programs available on the net these days. With the aid of these programs you could completely say goodbye to the cigarettes. The programs offered online deal you CDs of hypnosis together with a manual regarding this approach.

There are certain tests that you should go with as well as these examinations will ensure that you lastly stopped smoking after this treatment mores than. If you order for these programs after that it is always much better to make sure that these programs really function by reviewing the testimonials of the customers.

How To Quit Smoking Weed For A Month

Digital Cigarette smoking

Though some individuals may be able to ‘simply give up cigarette smoking’, for a lot of us, a given up smoking plan is necessary. Making this plan will certainly help you identify just what to expect, and ways to manage particular scenarios that will arise when you begin battling your pure nicotine dependency. Electronic Cigarette smoking

In order to construct your give up smoking strategy, you will first require to recognize just how stopping cigarette smoking will affect you. Once you’ve stopped feeding pure nicotine to your body, you will certainly start experiencing some withdrawal signs: you will really feel much more perturbed, you might discover it a little bit harder to go to sleep, you will probably have dreams concerning smoking, and so on.

As component of your quit cigarette smoking plan, you will have to recognize that these things are only withdrawal signs and symptoms. It is pure nicotine’s wicked way of attempting to make you feel your dependency. As soon as you are genuinely knowledgeable about this, you will find it a bit much easier to combat the addiction.

One step further into your give up cigarette smoking strategy, you will certainly require to come to be mindful of that you will certainly obtain desires. Your body, as it is still addicted to nicotine, will proceed to ‘ask’ for the drug. At this point, I suggest you are careful and try not to provide in. One point that may keep you motivated is knowing that these desires will certainly go away. and also you have my word on that particular! When you’ve passed a couple of weeks of not using nicotine, these yearnings will certainly be nearly completely gone. And also do not think a couple of weeks of yearnings is a great deal, because they will certainly not exist on a consistent basis. They will begin popping out less as well as less frequently, as a matter of fact.

The next step in your quit cigarette smoking strategy is implied to maintain you inspired throughout the procedure: therefore, you will require to begin understanding the benefits of having actually given up smoking. Although you might not observe in the beginning, you will start smelling and also looking much better. Individuals around you, particularly those who do not see you on a daily basis, will be able to discriminate. You health and wellness will certainly begin to enhance greatly, starting with the first day you have produced that last cigarette! Digital Smoking cigarettes

Relocating even more in addition to your give up cigarette smoking plan, you will certainly should let people recognize that you’ve quit making use of cigarettes. In my option, there are two excellent timings when you can do this:

First option: spread the news the minute you make a decision to quit – through this, people around you will certainly recognize just what you are undergoing, and also they will certainly be a little bit even more understanding to you being a little bit a lot more mad and flustered.

2nd alternative: spread out the news once you’re a few weeks into the procedure. If you determine to do this, be prepared to have it harsh the initial couple of days. Why? Because, as discussed in the above steps of your stop cigarette smoking strategy, you will be a bit much more edgy, and individuals around you won’t recognize, so they can not be added understanding. Once you manage to pull this off, without allowing individuals recognize beforehand that you’ve stopped, there’s a wonderful opportunity you will certainly really feel a whole lot a lot more confident regarding yourself. Additionally, you may think about going down this course if you believe your buddies as well as loved ones won’t be able to urge you. Relying on what type of people you associate, you might even have a couple of buddies make jokes about you quitting. Manage these the ideal means you can; my tip would be to play along with their jokes.

The point is, whichever way you determine to reach letting people know, you need to actually establish and also stick to your stop smoking cigarettes strategy. By doing this, you’ll have a better opportunity of succeeding, knowing just what’s coming as well as how you can deal with it. Electronic Smoking cigarettes

How To Quit Smoking Weed Cold Turkey Step

Quit smoking chilly turkey or the abrupt and total withdrawal from the routine is perhaps the hardest thing for any smoker, heavy or light, to accomplish. Frequently the withdrawal signs confirm to be too tough to conquer and also the specific withdraws to the practice. However, it is specified that stop cigarette smoking cool turkey is the approach utilized by 80% to 90% of people that handle to quit the habit efficiently.

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a chemical that is very addicting. As soon as a smoker stops the routine, pure nicotine cravings start as well as they verify to be really challenging to get over. Along with the pure nicotine craving, withdrawal signs and symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, tiredness as well as frustrations may occur and also might persist greatly throughout the initial few days when one makes a decision to quit cigarette smoking cold turkey. A number of approaches such as Nicotine Substitute Therapy which carries out a dose of nicotine to the body with items through periodontals, patches and also sprays could be made use of by an individual to ease the symptoms and desire.

However, it urges pure nicotine dependency in one’s body, even though this is an effective method of handling the withdrawal symptoms. The body demands the old degree of nicotine although these products offer a reduced dose of nicotine to battle the quit smoking cold turkey symptoms. Thus, this develops a brand-new level of called for nicotine in the body. Therefore, it must be noted that making use of these items will only put an individual in a persistent state of medicine withdrawal.

Just two methods exist to alleviate this state, one is to quit the providing of nicotine entirely and also the various other is to obtain back to smoking.One needs to bear in mind that the withdrawal signs and symptoms would only be extremely hard to deal with throughout the first 2 weeks and also it would gradually reduce after that.Therefore, stop smoking chilly turkey is possibly the very best and reliable method to stop the routine.

Assistance and assistance from good friends as well as loved ones is significantly needed by an individual who chooses to quit cigarette smoking cold turkey. Moreover for an individual who chooses to stop cigarette smoking cool turkey, joining a support system or going through therapy and also therapy sessions would show to be quite valuable.

It needs to be born in mind that giving up smoking, especially to stop smoking chilly turkey is undoubtedly not a fairly very easy feat to attain. It will press the resolution and also the will power of the specific probably to the outright limitation.

How To Quit Smoking Weed Easy

Allow’s see an instance: If you have ever attempted to stop smoking cigarettes in the past, what occasion or events caused you to smoke once again? Think as well as note the details of your mind. 15 minutes after “the last cigarette” you claim to yourself, “I can do this.” After 2 hrs you state, “I aren’t sure exactly what’s taking place; should I feel something?” After 2 1/2 hours you claim, “Just what will I do currently?” “Should I consume something?” “I need to do something, possibly just this one last cigarette.” Or you claim, “Maybe I’m not prepared as I should be … Possibly God Himself should come and also directly inform me directly in my face that currently is the moment?” Well maybe you will see Him, and also perhaps you are the one that is going to visit Him. Relax ensured that this is a typical mind-set. Some individuals have actually been “aiming to stop” for years as well as they are a proof that giving up is hard.
Well right here is the discovery: It is difficult for every cigarette smoker stopped due to the fact that they are regularly considering smoking cigarettes. After they “choose” to stop, all kind of smoking cigarettes associated ideas arise that they aim to get over, to defeat somehow. When they fall short, they wind up lighting cigarette again. If you wish to quit you don’t require a 7 day or 21 day program. You should begin believing as non-smokers do. Do they assume regarding smoking cigarettes? NO. All you need to do is not get involved in your personal discussion with yourself. When you discover that your dazzling mind start doing its work (thinking), you, in feedback, start doing your work and also instantly transform the focus. Just change the subject. Assuming like a non-smoker is the only means to come to be a non-smoker.
The other self-help approaches do have some valuable ideas. Nevertheless, if you start counting the number of years, months, and days as well as hrs you are complimentary from pure nicotine, I ensure you that there will certainly come a time in your life when you will certainly stop counting and also begin smoking again. The cure to aid you stop smoking is to assume and really feel like a non-smoker.

How To Quit Smoking Weed Everyday

In this posting I would truly prefer to provide some methods to quit cigarette smoking. Provided here are some tips worrying the best ways to surrender smoking cigarettes that you may get going today. The means to stop smoking is typically diverse with each person. For many individuals examining a publication concerning just how to quit smoking cigarettes could be appropriate to permit them to discontinue smoking. Before i fail to remember, i wish to point out that Pure nicotine is significant reason individuals are not able to quit smoking.

The irregular energizer effect of pure nicotine is however one explanation cigarette smoking cigarettes causes cardiovascular disease. One reason individuals smoke would be that the smoking cigarettes allows them to relax. The best ways to Stop Smoking cigarettes? Most individuals that have a significant pure nicotine addiction are typically in serious as well as prolonged risk. If you desire to quit smoking then you’re in the outright right area.

There could be numerous explanations why an addict will intend to stop smoking cigarettes. A whole lot of people believe that weight gain once they quit cigarette smoking is generally a foregone conclusion. The very best way to finish smoking is a blend of both. To give up smoking is hard. A significant willpower for perseverance to detaining reliance after nicotine is essential.

Pure nicotine is a tobacco plant’s all-natural protection against pests. Pure nicotine isn’t especially unsafe -regarding like high levels of caffeine. Ordinarily, nicotine is reabsorb or swiftly divided via the enzyme monoamine oxidation. Doing away with that regular repair of nicotine will cause your system to have bodily withdrawal signs, signs and also cravings.

These signs and symptoms are created by the shortage of nicotine your system has actually been used to. You’re detoxing your whole body, plus the pure nicotine is going to be removed within simply 4 night and day. Nicotine could be so addicting, that would certainly resemble asking a heroin addict to give up cool turkey, independently. Nicotine is incredibly addictive. As a matter of fact, it is taken into consideration to be more challenging to give up than drug. While in the very same volume, pure nicotine can be a toxin which is a lot more deadly than strychnine and rattlesnake venom.

Yet merely since providing up smoking is challenging does not always suggest you can’t undertake it. Cigarette smoking merely has mild impact on overall health, and its certain damaging effect is minimal in comparison with tar residue and also dangerous carbon monoxide gas.

Discover a much HEALTHIER and CHEAPER Option that will help you with your dependency

How To Quit Smoking Weed Cold Turkey

While some people choose a progressive decrease in the number of cigarettes they smoke while quitting, lots of people would rather stop smoking chilly turkey. I was among those individuals. This means that an individual quits due to their sheer will, from someday to the next.

It’s not real that very little prep work goes right into it when you quit smoking cool turkey. It’s typically just the contrary. Individuals that have actually sufficiently prepared themselves both psychologically and also psychologically (although it’s not constantly a conscious procedure) to reach an unquestionable choice to stop smoking cigarettes chilly turkey are those who then pull it off and also stop once as well as for all.

When you quit smoking cool turkey, it really commonly implies that you do not use other aids such as nicotine periodontals or patches.

There are many all-natural aids which will support you without any kind of adverse effects. They are likewise FREE. Among them is workout. It’s a great means to balance your body as quickly as you quit smoking. It’s one of the indications that you decide to take care of your wellness. It develops self-confidence, offers you a fantastic activity which probably never ever entailed smoking for you and also aids you learn how to take a breath correctly.

Likewise crucial is to stop doing things which were related to smoking or which you took pleasure in doing while smoking. For example, keep away from coffee and alcohol for a number of weeks after quitting cigarette smoking. The exact same puts on particular foods. The psychological accessory to specific foods as well as practices connected for you with smoking cigarettes must be recognized as well as loosened, as it has the tendency to draw individuals back into their smoking cigarettes past.

When I stopped smoking chilly turkey many years ago, I did it throughout a holiday. I recognized that I could not comfortably sit on one particular bench in the lobby of our office, due to the fact that it was my normal hangout while “getting hold of a smoke”. The association was as well solid. Yet after a few weeks without a cigarette, going back to that spot wasn’t an issue.

You will certainly need to encounter and agree to dominate several of the unpleasant feelings and also withdrawal symptoms at an early stage when you stop smoking cold turkey. Pure nicotine is addictive as well as there can be strong withdrawal symptoms initially. They could be conveniently gotten over with perseverance and the best mindset. Bear in mind – it’s always mind over matter. The even more certain you are of your objective, the easier it will be. And also with every passing hour the path ends up being smoother as nicotine is leaving your cells as well as food cravings slowly go away.

The most effective defense versus the adverse effects of impatience, desires, sleeplessness, tiredness, frustrations, tension etc, is remembering the advantages you are striving for when you can finally end up being a “non-smoker”. You should focus your mind on your need to achieve this objective and also after that all else will come under the ideal viewpoint.

Consuming alcohol lots of water aids with the detoxification procedure and also will certainly speed it up. It purges toxic substances from your body. As the remaining pure nicotine is tossed out of your system, need for even more nicotine lessens.

The sense of success and the freedom you will experience as soon as you quit will be well worth all discomfort you could experience throughout the very first week. You see, the benefit of quiting cigarette smoking cold turkey is that it’s the fastest method to damage the behavior! Keep in mind that and also only that. You will certainly never ever be sorry for having actually quit smoking cigarettes!

How To Quit Smoking Weed For Good

The one thing that all of the hundreds of people I’ve helped to quit smoking will all agree on is this, smoking purely and simply is a bad habit. Interestingly enough, so will almost everyone you meet who still smokes. Besides being an invitation to dire health problems down the road, it’s unattractive and expensive. Over the years, cigarette companies have done their best to encourage their product’s sales and keeping people in this nasty habit, despite being barred from advertising on television and in magazines.

The real issue here is that cigarette smoking is a generational problem. It wasn’t until the early 1970s that cigarette smoking was revealed to be a major contributor to lung cancer, emphysema and COPD. By then, there were hundreds of millions of cigarette addicts all over the world, many looking for a way out of this life-sapping addiction.

Children learn by example and many a cigarette smoker’s children have taken up the habit as a result. And the kids got hooked too. Even when their parents quit smoking their kids did not. They tell themselves, “Hey, my Mom smoked for thirty years and she’s doing just fine. It can’t be that bad!” Well I don’t care if your mom smoked for 30 years and now wrestles grizzly bears for a living, the odds are that if you’re still smoking, it will catch up to you and the result will be some very unpleasant health consequences.

If you want to quit smoking for good, and make an airtight case for your kids and grandkids to do the same, you need three things. You need to be motivated, educated and have a good support system to make it happen.

Motivation is perhaps the easiest step in your journey to quit smoking for good. Try a Google image search of ‘lung cancer effects’, ’emphysema’ and ‘COPD breathing’. Read my article “9 Reasons why you should quit smoking” or any of the many articles I’ve written on putting this habit behind you. This five minute exercise ought to scare you straight. If you want to spread the news, print out a few of the choicest images and share them with family members you hope to inspire to also quit smoking. It’s a good idea to create a file folder, on your PC and in hard copy format. This will be good enough to turn your stomach. Share the results with your currently smoking loved ones. Hopefully it will turn their stomachs too!

If this is not sufficient motivation, use Google to collect information on the scientific facts and consequences of smoking. You can follow this link for some graphic reasons to quit.

Now that you’re motivated, check out some of the quit smoking forums and discussion groups. You’ll find thousands of people, who have been smoking for decades. You’ll hear horror stories based on fact that will surely motivate you to quit smoking for good. You’ll also discover success stories of people who managed to quit smoking before it was too late. You’ll learn tricks and tips from former smokers that can help you overcome the smoking habit. Smoking forums, message groups and other smoking information venues can provide plenty of support. You’ll find people just like you, still smoking, but desiring to quit smoking for good.

When you’ve found several forums, message boards and quit smoking informational articles, copy and paste the most relevant remarks in your PC folder. Print it all out. Tape your motivational quotes, scientific studies and pictures of smoking on the frig, or prominently displayed around your desk.

If you want to quit smoking for good, this can do it! And remember, there are many methods and resources available that can help you become smoke free for life! Quit smoking for good and take a few loved ones with you!

If you would like some more information on quitting I have a FREE Quit Smoking e-Course!